Farmhouse il Poderino

Immerse yourself in the quiet and tranquility in the Tuscan Maremma hills

The Poderino has always belonged to the family of my husband Marco and for generations has provided food and support...

Times change as do aspirations and ambitions, therefore the Poderino spent a period in oblivion. But although our lives took us elsewhere, a dream awakened in us: to start a project together.

The little property in the Tuscan countryside remained a beautiful, quiet place where one could come to relax and to enjoy the changing seasons.

The attachment to this place had been cultivated since childhood and over the years became a treasure worth defending.

In 2001, thanks to the efforts of the whole family of Marco, the Casa Vacanze Poderino was born, to bring new life to the old country house.
The old barn and chicken coop were converted into two new apartments, and a delightful new annex was constructed at the edge of the yard where the corn was once threshed.

A lovely garden with Mediterranean vegetation was planned with passion and became reality over the years, and a big swimming pool where one can take refreshing baths or just relax in the sun became the focal point of the residence.

We are convinced that the Poderino will be a great vacation destination for years to come!

We still have many projects to improve and make this place more and more cosy and enjoyable, always keeping in mind that we are doing it out of passion and because of the desire to share this relaxing lifestyle with our estimated guests and friends, even should it never become a fully profitable project.

Cristina and Marco